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Brand new free of charge Advanced Boot Camp coming up: Active Roles Advanced Virtual PreSales Bootcamp: Take your Active Roles skills to the next level. Build your own demo! - July 7th -8th 2021.

Available for 15 people only, so please register ASAP. After You register, Professional Services Team will reach out to You directly. Registrations are on First come, first served base.

Active Roles Advanced Virtual PreSales Bootcamp: Take your Active Roles skills to the next level. Build your own demo! - July 7-8


Course Overview

This interactive hands-on two-day virtual workshop focuses on One Identity Active Roles. The goal of this Boot Camp is to enable you to setup your own Active Roles Demo environment and integrate the most important use cases. You will learn how to install Active Roles and to configure use cases such as delegation of administration, automation, and secure administration using Templates, Automation and Approval Workflows, Policies, Managed Units, etc. The integration of Cloud systems and applications will be on demo level only. 

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Day 1 - From 9:00 CEST until 16:00 CEST

  • Architecture overview, installation and basic configuration. Hands-on lab. 
  • Use Case Delegation of Administration using Access Templates, Managed Units and Policies, logging. Hands-on lab

Use case protecting access to resources using approval workflows. Hands-on lab


Day 2 - From 9:00 CEST until 16:00 CEST

  • Recap day 1
  • Use Case automated account lifecycle management, including provisioning and de-provisioning using dynamic groups and group families, workflows, Managed Units, virtual Attributes, selection lists. Hands-on lab.
  • Use case integrating other sources and systems, e.g. HR using sync service, scripting. Hands-on lab
  • Connecting with Azure and Office 365. Demo
  • Web interface customization to include color scheme and logo of customer. Create some Web Forms Customizations. Hands-on lab



  1. Knowledge of Active Directory, Windows Server, MS SQL Server, PowerShell
  2. Knowledge of Active Roles key feature on a presentation level
  3. Presales Accreditation for Active Directory Account Lifecycle Management. You can take this accreditation either via the web-based training or the Active Directory Account Lifecycle Management Boot Camp. If you already have this Presales accreditation, you are ready to go. For any questions, please reach out to Susanne.Haase(at) 



If you want to create your own VM machines to work with during the workshop, we provide you with the specifications and imports. If you want to, we can arrange a call before the Boot Camp to ensure everything is setup and working. 
If you do not have the technical equipment or time to create your own instance, we can provide you with an instance for the training in the One Identity Skytap.
After this training, the environment will be deleted. 



Frederic Courtois - Principal Solution Architect

Raul d'Opazo - Principal Solution Architect