Time for Change - Unitrends Q4 special promotion


Until the end of the quarter, at the purchase price of technical support (maintenance), any customer receives a NEW, ANY TYPE of Unitrends Backup Appliance with software included!

In this quarter of this year, Unitrends launched a promotion together with Prianto in which customers have the option of replacing their current Backup & Recovery system with Unitrends, bearing only the cost of renewing of 3 years or 5 years.

Sample scenario:

Today, the customer has any configuration of Backup & Recovery licenses or licenses and equipment from other manufacturers than Unitrends. After consulting with Prianto or one of our partners, the customer needs an 8016S device (with 16TB of usable space example).

Our offer:

  • 8016S device (appliance) - 100% discount on the appliance!!
  • Renewal price for 3 years of manufacturer's technical support 24/7 should be acquisitioned
  • In addition, customer receives a device in the functionally extended version of Enterprise Plus - the highest technology offered by Unitrends.

I invite all partners interested in details to contact us! Please see datasheets and descriptions!

Happy selling!