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The Active Directory Management and Security You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Windows security is something we all have to live with, although most of us probably prefer to talk about it in less-than-complimentary terms. If you think about it, you will remember that Windows’ native security structure has remained essentially unchanged since the release of Windows NT in 1993. At that time, Windows was gaining ground as a departmental or small business file and print server, and its security system worked well for those scenarios.

Today, things are drastically different. Nowadays Windows security can be a challenge and time consuming for IT teams and businesses and organizations need a lot more from them.
They are burdened by the limitations of native tools, as well as all the manual tasks they have to do in Active Directory, including reset passwords, create user accounts and manage group memberships.

What if you could remove that burden from IT and could:

  • Automate most tasks with pre-set approval workflows?
  • Use flexible role-based to set permissions?
  • Cover all your domains and AD forests with one tool, including hybrid AD/AAD environments?


Learn how by reading this informative white paper from One Identity,
The Active Directory Management and Security of Your Dreams.

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Managing a hybrid AD environment can be challenging and risky. Watch this video to learn how One Identity Active Roles can help you bring consistency, automation, accuracy and security to your hybrid AD environment.

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