Prianto & Quest Partner Event Budapest - KACE

Quest and Prianto organized a KACE solution presentation and workshop for partners and customers, who were interested in comprehensive Endpoint Systems Management solutions.

The event was supported by 2 experts from Quest team, experts in Data Protection and KACE, having wide sales and technical experience on this field.

It was an excellent and interesting Workshop and Presentation in Budapest of Quest KACE Endpoint System Management solution where attended many proactive partner and customer. 

Thank you for everybody for the successful event! 



What is KACE?

The KACE family of appliances is designed to give resource constrained IT organizations more time to innovate.
The KACE Systems Deployment Appliance (KACE SDA) offers a multi-platform solution that provides initial provisioning and ongoing administration of master system images and driver updates faster and easier, ensuring connected systems remain up to date and secure.
The KACE Systems Management Appliance (KACE SMA) is a comprehensive systems management solution that streamlines asset management, better secures all network connected devices, and more efficiently services end user systems.
KACE as a Service (KaaS) –is a version of KACE SMA, hosted in a secure, high-availability data center, which can eliminate up front capital costs and reduce infrastructure costs and budget for systems management through operating expenses.
The KACE Asset Management Appliance (KACE AMA) offers a subset of the functionality of the KACE SMA, focused specifically around Inventory and Asset Management, for a reduced price.