Prianto represented Quest at ADM Adria, Ljubljana


Challenges of ICT Infrastructure Management and Control

In today's ICT world, critical solutions for infrastructure control, diagnostics and rapid anomaly elimination are becoming crucial. Choosing the right solution makes it easier for users to work, while making them more efficient.
To this end, an event entitled “Challenges of ICT Infrastructure Management and Control” was held at ADM-Adria. The introductory reception and greeting was followed by the topic “Detecting and Troubleshooting the Quest Tools”, through which the students were provided with the key information that every IT professional in the field of anomaly monitoring, diagnostics and elimination should know.  The next presentation was entitled "Controlling Key Activities in Microsoft Environments", in which solutions were presented to handle advanced administration of Microsoft environments (Active Directory - AD, SharePoint, Exchange, etc.), audit trail control, and migration execution.  The participants, representatives of various organizations, left the event happy, as they gained a lot of useful information on the management and control of modern informatics.