Prianto-Runecast Partner Meeting in Budapest

On 27th February Prianto CEE had a successful Prianto - Runecast Partner Meeting in Budapest for reseller partners interested in automating VMWare risk reduction.
The story of Runecast and the uniqueness of their solution was presented by Emil Bobev, Runecast channel manager, and participants could also have a deeper technical insight by means of a detailed product demo afterward.
Runecast Analyzer automates scanning of vSphere, vSAN, NSX-V and Horizon View environments against constantly updated industry knowledge so latent issues and non-compliances can be proactively identified and remediated before problems occur. Running fully on-premises and offline, Runecast correlates VMware configurations and logs against the latest versions of VMware and HW vendor knowledge bases, best practices, security hardening, etc. It takes only minutes to deploy and has virtually no learning curve. It includes the most comprehensive coverage for DISA STIG, PCI DSS and HIPAA in VMware environments on the market and supports automated HCL analysis as well as retaining all historical data for analysis and compliance reporting.

The new solution was welcomed by our open-minded partners, many of whom have already made the first steps to achieve great business results with the new Runecast technology.   

In case you are also interested in the Runecast solution, please, feel free to reach out to our colleagues,  Oliver Urzica or Mario Kosztik, who will be happy to support you.