Quest On Demand


Simple, secure SaaS solutions for Office 365 migration, management and security

Getting to Office 365 and then managing users and workloads can be daunting. You want to avoid the pitfalls of compliance concerns, coexistence challenges and risks of security threats. Add to that the constant consolidation required with merger and acquisition activity, and the risk of trying to manage all of this with native tools becomes untenable.

Quest® On Demand offers a single, centralized software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based console that enables you to:

  • Merge or consolidate multiple Office 365 tenants
  • Discover and assess source and target tenants
  • Schedule, plan and execute tenant migrations while ensuring coexistence from start to finish
  • Recover Azure Active Directory (AD) and Office 365 users, attributes, groups and group membership
  • Visualize the difference between backups and your live Azure AD environment
  • Search and restore unwanted changes to Azure AD or Office 365 objects easily and quickly

And all of this can be part of a solution that grows with you.

See for yourself how you can manage simple tenant migrations and set up robust recovery solutions easier than ever — no installation required, and all from a single console. Our flexible licensing model enables you to purchase only the modules you need, and our world-class support keeps you covered.
From modules accessed via a single platform you can back up, recover, report on cloud-only objects and manage your Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations.


On Demand Migration

Run your migration — don’t let the migration run you. On Demand Migration offers the keys to successful tenant migration or consolidation with powerful preparation, insight and automation. Start your migration project with proper scoping and planning, and ensure your users can keep working during and after the migration with as little disruption as possible.

•    Discover and assess source and target tenants: accounts, groups and data
•    Migrate accounts, mailboxes and OneDrive data quickly and safely
•    Ensure coexistence of communication and collaboration
•    Track and monitor progress in real time —avoid disruption and project overruns


On Demand Recovery

Always be ready for the unexpected. Every migration, and any transformation, needs to start with a good recovery plan. Only On Demand Recovery enables you to back up and recover Azure AD and Office 365 users, groups, attributes and group memberships. Your business is changing quickly, and you’ll need a robust business continuity plan that extends to the cloud.

•    Easily and securely back up all cloud-only objects, including Azure B2B and B2C users, Office 365 groups and more
•    Run difference reports that compare your backups with live Azure AD to identify cloud-only users or attributes, and pinpoint specific changes or deletions
•    Granularly search and restore even at the attribute level
•    Recover users, attributes, groups and group memberships in bulk without PowerShell scripting

On Demand Audit

Avoid unnecessary risks while maintaining security and compliance throughout your journey to the cloud. Quest® On Demand Audit ensures your audit and search capabilities extend to multiple Office 365 tenants and workloads while making the data you collect easy to view with interactive and responsive searches.

•    Audit change activity across multiple Office 365 tenants
•    Compile audit data in visual, interactive reports — all using a single, centralized dashboard
•    See search results with an activity heat map
•    Enable easy searching with an interactive and responsive query builder

This solution is currently in technical preview and will be generally available soon.


On Demand Group Management


Control group chaos. Get full visibility into all hosted groups, on-premises groups or both across your organization — all in a single console — so you never have to worry about what’s out there. Plus, mitigate security and compliance risks with robust group creation policies to direct the naming, attestation, expiration, quantity limits and more of all the groups in your environment.

•    Discover the creation and modification of all types of groups — hosted groups, on-premises groups or both
•    Prevent group sprawl with group creation policies
•    Enable user self-service while maintaining order through a pre-selected policy framework for group creation, naming, attestation, expiration and more
•    Easily enforce rules as groups are created via a self-service portal

This solution is currently in technical preview and will be generally available soon.

If you are looking for the Quest Software and One Identity technologies (presentation, demo, poc, consultation, training), please feel free to contact Prianto value-added distributor team from Hungary or CEE/Adriatic region.