Quest On Demand Migration


Simple, secure tenant-to-tenant Office 365 migrations

Organizations facing mergers and acquisitions need a fast, safe and easy way to consolidate Office 365 tenants. If done manually, there is a chance that mailboxes, directories or messages could be lost or deleted, objects could be duplicated and users unnecessarily disrupted — causing additional frustration and costs, not to mention project delays and potential down time.

And the larger the organization, the more complex the migration. That means lots of planning and scoping has to happen before the project can even begin.

With Quest® On Demand Migration, you can forget about the complexity of migrating Office 365 tenants. On Demand Migration is a simple software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that enables you to get started immediately. Start by discovering the source and target infrastructures, and then decide which users to migrate and plan where they should be located. With On Demand, you’ll be able to identify potential issues from the start.


On Demand Migration enables email and data coexistence from day one, so you never have to worry about impacting users’ workdays. And dashboard monitoring lets you track the progress of the project from start to finish.


Pre-migration discovery and planning

Kick off your migration project with peace of mind by running the On Demand Migration discovery wizard to determine which accounts will need to be migrated and when. You’ll be able to:

  • Avoid delays by identifying and matching all source and target users to eliminate duplication.
  • Determine what the target infrastructure will look like and where user resources will be located.

Hybrid Office 365 support

Hybrid Office 365 environments can be migrated with the use of Quest® Migration Manager for Active Directory. User accounts are migrated between on-premises Active Directory (AD) forests, and the accounts are synched to Azure AD, then matched with On Demand Migration.


Ensure coexistence

On Demand Migration allows users in both source and target tenants to share calendar information, continue to have access to shares in the source tenant, as well as maintain access to applications. Email domain coexistence enables organizations to select when and who will have their email rewritten with the target domain name.


Complete tenant-to-tenant migration

Our simple SaaS solution enables you to consolidate two separate Office 365 tenants into one — regardless of size. On top of that, you’ll be able to migrate all data (individual or shared) associated with Azure AD accounts, or choose to apply filters from source to target tenant for all directories, all while the accounts are being quickly and safely migrated or consolidated. And accounts that have already moved to the target tenant will still be able to access resources on
the source tenant during the remainder of the migration to ensure complete coexistence.


Client configuration management

With On Demand, existing applications will be able to work as expected for all migrated users throughout the duration of the migration project, and Outlook clients will be updated to point to the new target tenant when the migration is complete.


Project management

On Demand Migration helps ease users’ migration scheduling and enables you to migrate user groups in batches or individually. The Quest solution also provides real-time project tracking throughout the migration to ensure issues can be identified and resolved quickly via dashboard monitoring and event log troubleshooting.


•    Accelerate Office 365 migrations with pre-migration discovery, matching and planning
•    Safely and quickly merge or consolidate Office 365 tenants
•    Ease impact to users with resource coexistence and seamless resource support for target users
•    Alleviate delays by tracking
and resolving issues with
real-time monitoring
•    Track and monitor the end-to-end migration progress

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