Quest On Demand Recovery


Fast, secure Azure AD and Office 365 recovery

Complete Active Directory (AD) backup and recovery are essential for every organization today because no one is safe from data breaches or human error. Unfortunately, a solid on-premises disaster recovery plan alone, while still necessary, is not sufficient today because so many organizations are making greater use of cloud-only attributes, Office 365 groups, Azure AD groups, Azure B2B/B2C accounts and other features of the hybrid AD environment to improve user experience. Since the Azure AD Connect synchronization is in most cases one-way, from on-premises AD to Azure AD, those cloud-only objects are not covered by your on-premises backup and recovery tools. The Azure AD Recycle Bin is a convenient way to restore certain recently deleted objects, but it was never intended to be an enterprise backup and recovery solution.

So what can you do?

With On Demand Recovery, you can quickly and securely back up and recover Azure AD and Office 365 to eliminate downtime as well as negative impact to end users. You can run difference reports that compare your backups with live Azure AD to identify cloud-only users or attributes and pinpoint specific changes or deletions. On Demand Recovery enables you to granularly search and restore exactly what you need — even individual attributes — or recover multiple users, groups and group memberships in bulk without requiring PowerShell scripting so you can mitigate the risk of data loss from human error and save valuable time and resources.


Cloud restoration beyond Azure Active Directory Connect

There are many cloud-only objects and properties that are not included with Azure Active Directory Connect. Protect both your Azure and on-premises AD by easily restoring hybrid and cloud objects including: user accounts, B2B and B2C users, Office 365 and Azure AD groups, applications and devices. Back up and restore cloud-only attributes for hybrid objects: membership in cloud-only groups, application roles assignments, directory role membership (Global admin, Exchange or Compliance admin and others), Office License type, authentication contact info including MFA settings and Azure application custom attributes.

Intuitive hybrid AD and Azure AD recovery dashboard

Integrate On Demand Recovery with Recovery Manager for Active Directory or Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition to deliver a complete hybrid recovery solution and get peace of mind that you’re covered no matter the scenario. By pairing these solutions, you get a single recovery dashboard for both hybrid and cloud-only objects. The dashboard includes details and capabilities that native tools do not provide, such as the changed value, object type and restore options. Run difference reports to determine what changes have been made whether on-premises AD or Azure AD and restore those changes, directly from the report.

Difference reporting

Run difference reports to visually compare changes or deletions made in both on-premises AD and Azure AD with any past backup. Select and roll back only what’s required — regardless if the object is located on-premises or in Azure— rather than restoring the entire object. This enables simple, fast recovery directly from the reporting interface.

Comprehensive, bulk recovery

Recover multiple on-premises AD, Azure AD and Office 365 users, groups, attributes and other object properties at the same time, without requiring Power-Shell scripting. You can easily restore almost anything that has been deleted — either accidentally or maliciously. With On Demand Recovery, you can restore faster than ever (in minutes rather than hours) while also removing the need to access multiple admin interfaces on premises and in Office 365 or Azure AD.

Granular search and restore

Search for modified or deleted on-premises and cloud-only objects, either entire user accounts or just specific attributes, and restore exactly what you need. Reduce the risk of manual error and ensure all recovery-related tasks are auditable.

Secure, encrypted backups

Easily and securely back up critical data in Azure Storage, including Azure AD and Office 365 users, attributes, groups, group memberships as well as Azure applications. Choose the backup reten-tion period that best fits your company’s compliance needs so you never have to worry about not being able to recover what you need.


•    Mitigate the risk of data loss from human error and malicious intent
•    Eliminate downtime as well as negative impact on end users
•    Quickly, securely back up and recover Azure AD and Office 365
•    Visualize the difference between backups and your live Azure AD environment
•    Granularly search and restore even at the attribute level
•    Recover multiple users, attributes, groups and group memberships in bulk without PowerShell scripting
•    Ensure all recovery-related tasks are auditable
•    Support multi-tenant environments


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