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1/4.    Simplified Database Management and Cloud Migration – 11 a.m. on 2nd July, 2020
2/4.    Migrate More Users and Applications to Cloud and Elevate Hybrid Security – 11.00 a.m. on 16th July
3/4.    One Identity Privileged Access Management for SQL Sources – 11 a.m. on 30th July
4/4.    Boost M365 Adoption and Security Management with Quest Software -11 a.m. on 13th August


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3/4. One Identity Privileged Access Management for SQL Sources


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Zoltán Bakos

Senior privileged Solutions Specialist Architect, One Identity

With more than 10 years of experience in IT, with a focus on IT Security, Zoltan Bakos is equipped with broad knowledge about possible attack vectors and security risks within an enterprise infrastructure. As a Senior Architect he uses this skillset daily in the colors of One Identity to help mitigate these risks of the customers.




Hackers want access to privileged or administrative accounts because they provide virtually limitless access to an organization’s most sensitive data and systems – including databases. Thousands of organizations from across the globe rely on SQL Server databases to store a wide range of highly sensitive information, from core business software to customer and employee information, making administrative access protections critical. To prevent a breach and to limit the damage if one does occur, you need to have a privileged access management program that enables best practices so that your organization has a secure, efficient and compliant way to provide access and monitor privileged accounts.


One Identity Safeguard

One Identity Safeguard can reduce the stress and worry with your privileged accounts. This innovative privileged access management solution – available as an easily deployed, hardened appliance – gives your organization a secure way to store, manage, record and analyze privileged access. It is an integrated solution that combines a secured and hardened password safe, and a session-management and monitoring solution with threat detection and analytics. Safeguard detects and shuts down threats while satisfying your auditors and admins.

Organizations can for the first time securely manage, monitor, record and audit database administrators’ access to SQL Server environments to enable appropriate privileged user activity and quickly identify suspicious behavior. One Identity is the first privileged access management (PAM) vendor to audit SQL Server and Azure SQL Database connections by native client support, drastically speeding up and simplifying deployment, maintenance and user workflows – not only for full time employed users but third-party users as well.

One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords

With One Identity Safeguard, administrative access to SQL Server and Azure SQL Database are fully managed, controlled and audited. The integrated solution includes a secured and hardened password vault, a real-time session monitoring and recording and privileged behavior analytics to quickly shut down threats while providing database administrators with the access they need to complete their job functions. Security of SQL Server environments can be further improved with two-factor authentication solutions, an integration with third party authentication and authorization systems with plugins or storing SQL passwords in the vault.

  • Quick Discovery and onboarding of assets
  • Automated workflow engine
  • Approve passwords from anywhere
  • Full REST API
  • Free personal password vault for business users

Safeguard features integrations with backend user management systems, such as Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP, with policy-based access enforcement and credential management. For example, administrators are required to provide personal credentials before access is granted, while a password vault enables password check-out for authorized users only to prevent password sharing.

Safeguard for Privileged Sessions

Session monitoring and recording gives organizations real-time and historic visibility into the data and systems that database administrators access. Audited sessions are encrypted, timestamped and stored in a trail file for tamper-proof evidence of actions taken throughout each session. Organizations can also execute commands – like initiating security alerts – in near real-time when a risky command is observed. Additionally, Safeguard serves as a proxy, inspecting application-level protocol traffic and can reject any traffic in violation of that protocol to shield the organization against attacks.

  • Full session audit, recording and replay
  • Real-time alerting and blocking
  • Initiate workflows or deploy in transparent mode with no changes to users
  • Full text search including Optical Character Recognition

One Identity uniquely offers native support for recording and monitoring SQL Server and Azure SQL Database environments, meaning organizations can leverage their existing database tools and processes to access SQL environments. This eliminates the need for organizations to increase security without changing the way users gain access to SQL environments.


Safeguard for Privileged Analytics

Safeguard for Privileged Analytics monitors questionable behaviors and uncovers previously unknown threats from inside and outside of your organization. By using user behavior analytics technology, Safeguard for Privileged Analytics detects anomalies and ranks them based on risk so you can prioritize and take appropriate action -- and ultimately prevent data breaches.

  • Pattern-free analysis to detect unknown bad behaviors
  • Full content analyzation, including screen content, issued commands and windows titles
  • Use keystroke dynamics and mouse movement analysis to help identify breaches
  • Reduce alert noise by categorizing alerts by risk and deviation levels


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