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Prianto CEE Webinar Series 1/4 at 11 a.m. on Thursday, 2nd July

We cordially invite you to our Prianto CEE webinar series in July-August, 2020.


1/4.    Simplified Database Management and Cloud Migration – 11 a.m. on 2nd July, 2020
2/4.    Migrate More Users and Applications to Cloud and Elevate Hybrid Security– 11.00 a.m. on 16th July
3/4.    One Identity Privileged Access Management for SQL Sources – 11 a.m. on 30th July
4/4.    Boost M365 Adoption and Security Management with Quest Software -11 a.m. on 13th August


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1/4. Simplified Database Management and Cloud Migration


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Ales Zeman
Manager Presales & Professional Services EMEA
Quest | Information Management

Ales Zeman has been working with Quest Software for over 19 years. He is Head of the Sales Engineering & Professional Services Department in Europe, Middle East and Africa in the area of Information Management. He is responsible for solutions for application and database performance management. He has a master in computer science and has more than 28 years of IT experience.



In today’s always-on world database management tools are essential to simplify that extreme complexity. With the trends around multiple platform support, cloud technologies and DevOps, today’s data professionals are finding it hard to keep up. Quest database solutions give modern database professionals the ability to evolve, survive and even thrive in today’s ever-changing IT landscape.

For this reason Prianto has decided to host a webinar on database management and cloud migration to present you the solutions by which you can easily overcome these challenges.


Database Management Solutions

Toad®: Proactive Data Management Solutions

Toad software is a database management toolset that database professionals use to manage both relational and non-relational databases using sql. These tools can help you to refocus on more strategic initiatives and move the business forward in today’s data-driven economy.

  • The premier tool for database professionals with nearly 20 years of development
  • Unmatched functionality to reduce the time to learn, implement and manage new and existing database platforms
  • Works across the most widely used databases (including rdbms and nosql) to provide a future-ready solution
  • Elevates the expertise of data professionals through extensive automation and collaboration capabilities

Database Performance Monitoring

Improve database monitoring and performance with Foglight® and Spotlight®

Managing more data and platforms, devops and cloud technology is more challanging than ever before. You can’t just close your eyes and hope it all works out. Data and user demands are growing, technology is evolving and any loss due to database downtime or instability is unaffordable. Quest performance monitoring solutions help you:

  • Proactively manage and monitor multiple database environments
  • Diagnose and tune real-time and historical performance
  • Predict and troubleshoot issues
  • Easily optimize and tune sql server performance
  • Increase the health of their database environments

Database Replication and Migration

Shareplex®: safely replicate oracle data without downtime or data loss.

With shareplex, you can safely, easily and affordably ensure uptime before, during and after database migrations. Shareplex lets you eliminate downtime and ensure data accuracy through unrivaled compare-and-repair functionality. And zero-downtime migrations are just one of nine Shareplex use cases. Shareplex also improves high availability, strengthens disaster recovery, helps offload reporting to improve database performance and more. With data growth increasing and budgets decreasing, it’s a no-brainer to switch to Shareplex, the reliable data replication solution that’s 10 percent of the cost of other toolsets.
Since 1997, this technology has simplified data replication for customers in varying industries worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies. It decreases or eliminates downtime and minimizes or eliminates risk when replicating multiple copies of Oracle data for special purposes to meet your business needs, including:

  • High availability/disaster recovery
  • Migrations, patches, and upgrades
  • Operational reporting, archiving, or data warehousing
  • Data distribution/distributed processing
  • Centralized reporting or consolidation
  • Load balancing
  • Cascading using intermediary systems
  • Rac alternative for scalability

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We will draw 3 prizes among the participants of each webinar.

1 x Synology NAS DS220J


1 x Sennheiser HD 350 BT



1 x Google Chromecast 3 Multimedia Center


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