Prianto webinar: The Protection of Banks and Financial Institutions with New Generation Biometric Authentication


Contactless palm vein recognition based authentication, where our hand is the key


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Takács Norbert

Sales Director, BioSec Group Ltd.

The sales director of BioSec Group Ltd. has more than ten years of experience in the field of IT and three years in security. He is responsible for channel development and the evangelization of palm vein recognition based solutions in the EMEIA region. He supports his partners and end users to understand the importance of the technology and to learn more about the BioSec solutions’ fields of use.




  • Physical access control: employee access control to main buildings and within branches, access control of VIP clients to the meeting room
  • Access to workstations (desktop, notebook) with BLogin – replacement of strict and complicated password policies, tokens or cards with palm vein recognition (complete elimination of weekly or fortnightly password update)
  • Supporting home office, remote workplaces and remote work even with the integration of an Identity Management solution
  • Two factor authentication of system administrators and super users (palm vein or palm vein+ token or palm vein+password instead of password+token)
  • Protection of PCIDSS zones with palm vein recognition (local financial supervision regulations e.g. two factor authentication)
  • Access control of SWIFT administrators with palm vein recognition (two factor authentication)
  • Protection of server rooms and racks
  • Protection of meeting rooms, safety rooms and archives
  • Integration with safe services

Join our webinar on 18th March at 11:00 and find out more about the above solutions.


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About BioSec Group Ltd.

BioSec is a developer of innovative biometric security solutions. BioSec has been developing palm vein recognition based solutions for a decade, providing the highest level of knowledge and expertise for its clients. BioSec ensures customised solutions in the field of biometric mass authentication, physical and IT security, providing highly secure, simple to use and convenient solutions in every fields of life. In addition, BioSec is exclusive OEM supplier for Fujitsu in the EMEIA region for access control, logical access and biometric middleware based on palm vein recognition.


What is biometric authentication and palm vein recognition?

The biometric authentication system is a technology, which measures and records the individual physical characteristics of a body and uses the data for personal authentication. In our case, the palm vein scanner measures the vein structure within the hand at maximum ~5 000 000 reference points. In opposite to other biometric technologies, which use surface characteristics, the vein structure is an inner characteristics, which is not visible to the naked eye, thus it cannot be copied, reproduced, stolen or used for secret data collection.


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