TeamViewer Blue Friday - 25% Extra Reseller Discount


Secure your Blue Friday Cyber Deal

It doesn't get any bluer than that! So make sure to take advantage of this special offer for your customers:

  • Business plan: One user can establish a connection with one remote device at a time from up to three specified devices - ideal for single users.
  • Premium plan: Different users can initiate device connections with one concurrent session at a time - ideal for multiple users. Additional channels can be booked at any time..
  • Corporate plan: Several users can initiate device connections, with three concurrent sessions already included - ideal for teams. Additional channels can be booked at any time.

*Starting on November 26th, this offer is valid until December 3, 2019!!!!

This offer is stand alone and cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other offers, special pricing, discounts or special conditions.

The discount is applicable on the new license list price and is calculated in addition to regular reseller discounts, and valid only for 1 year. Next year renewal price will be calculated based on list price and not accordingly this promotional or procurement price!

If you are looking for TeamViewer solutions (presentation, demo, poc, consultation, training), please feel free to contact Prianto value-added distributor team from Hungary or CEE/Adriatic region.